Holy Moment Picture

This is a Holy Moment

By Nicole Nieman, Children’s Ministry Assistant

Day 3 of preteen camp is often referred to as ‘hump day.’  It’s that day that you start to really feel the fatigue and the effects of the sun.  It’s also the day that you start to realize the end is in sight.  For some kids that want to live at camp that is a sad realization, for the homesick kids they can see that finish line, and for the tired counselors they can hear their own beds calling their names.  Oh Day 3.  Tonight day 3 for me meant reassurance.  Reassurance that I am running the right race.

Tonight, as we were in our evening worship service we were singing a song called This is a Holy Moment.  During the last chorus, they turned all the lights in the worship center off.  It was total darkness, and the sweetest sound my ears have heard came though and brought me to tears.  It was the sound of 600 children singing their praises to God, “this is a holy moment.”

It was great!  All the lights went out and no one screamed or freaked out because it was dark!  No, instead their little voices continued to worship God. Listening to those kids worship with no inhibitions is one of the sweetest moments I have experienced.  It reassured me that God has called me to run this race. And that He has given me not only the gift to get to worship Him, but the gift of getting to lead kids to love and worship Him too!

The best part of witnessing children worship is it is so pure and they don’t hold back.  They don’t care how they look, or what anyone might think of them.   I think a lot of times we adults are afraid to really submerge ourselves in worship.  Whether it is because we’re afraid of what others will think, or that we don’t want to draw attention to ourselves.  I am guilty of this too.

My prayer is that I will start to truly worship with faith like a child, and that you will too.  Matthew 18:3-4 says, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

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