Reflections on the Mount: Tight Rope Walking

I remember going to the circus as a kid and being mesmerized by the tight rope walker. Watching them walk from side to side of the tent over 3 stories in the air on a cable or rope not much wider then their big toe. It was definitely something that put the crowd on the edge of their seats. One mis-step or loss of balance could spell disaster for the walker.

Recently our Pastor, David Rogers, spoke on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. In Matthew chapter 5, Jesus gives multiple examples of how people lived their life on the “tightrope”. The people of the day knew the law and worked very hard to follow the law to the letter. They were living on the edge of a “good life”, doing what they wanted to the furthest extent without doing wrong.

Pastor David asked a question during his teaching, “what if instead of asking how far is too far, we asked how pure is too pure”. This was a phrase that stuck with me after his sermon. Jesus said to the people that the law says do not commit murder, or do not commit adultery. Jesus took it a step further saying it was not OK to just not commit these actions, you shouldn’t even be harboring the feelings in your heart and mind. If we changed our mindset on life from how far can I go and still be good to how far can I pursue God. Then a question of purity would not even come into play.

Our students struggle with this just like all of us and it puts a toll on them to have to walk that tight rope of how far they can go with their girlfriend/boyfriend and still be OK.

I have told our students that in my experience, if you need to justify your actions, you should take a step back and reevaluate what is going on. There is a lot more work for the person walking the tightrope than the person standing on solid ground. That solid ground for us is the Bible. This collection of love letters from God that tell us how to pursue him and live a life that honors him. Can you imagine what our lives would look like if teenage relationships revolved around praying together, reading the bible together, & serving others in the name of God. I encourage our students to pursue their love of God first and allow a girlfriend/boyfriend to join them in this journey. 

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