One Word: Renewal


That is my one word for 2018.  My one word became clear to me as I sat in my office at home the week between Christmas and New Years.  Each year during that week I invest some intentional time praying and considering what the year ahead might look like while reflecting and giving thanks for how God has been faithful throughout the previous year.

While I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, I read an article one of my friends from England posted about his “one word” for 2018.  The article, written by Jon Gordon, indicated that 9-10 New Year’s Resolutions will be broken by people who make them.  Instead, what if the new year simply was framed in one word.  One word is not too much to carry through the year.  One word is doable and may be easier to hang onto as the weeks and months come and go.

Some of the words that were mentioned in the article were: discipline, generosity, humility, appreciation, kindness.

What would life look like throughout the year if I viewed everything through the lens of one word such as one of those?  How would my decision making be shaped if I chose a word that keep bringing me back to a simple and clear vantage point or perspective?  What might my one word be for 2018?

Renewal.  That is my word for this year.  February 15, 2018 will mark my 20th year of full time ministry in the Dallas area.  January 30, 2018 will mark 7 years since my family and I came to Arapaho Road Baptist Church in view of a call.  Our church leadership has blessed our family with an upcoming Clergy Renewal Leave later in 2018.  These are planned days to allow my soul to breath and my mind to rest before reengaging for a new chapter and season of ministry and leadership.  I am praying for the Lord to renew me from the inside out as I continue to walk with Him and try to live faithfully to His call.

I have challenged our staff to consider what their “one word” might be for 2018 as well.  In the coming weeks you will hear from some of them and how their one word is shaping their year.  What might your “one word” be for 2018?  Ask the Lord and see what He leads you to as you walk with Him each day this year.

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