One Word: Example


We asked our students recently to give us a one word goal for 2018 that they want to focus on. We wanted them to think of a word that could summarize their goal and then they could explain what they meant to our group as an act of accountability. We had many good words: prayer, self love, confidence, share, and many others. The word I choose for myself for 2018 was “EXAMPLE”.

I want to be the example for those around me in every area that I wear a different hat. I want to be an example for my co-workers at my 8 to 5 job of how to work hard, to be productive, and to strive to do my best in all my work — even boring spreadsheets or budget calculations! I want them to see how I do my work and have it spark a desire for them to do the same or at least spur a question as to what makes me different.

I want to be an example to my children of how to not only be a good father but a good, Christ seeking person. I want my children to see my example of how I talk and act. How I point them back to the Lord as the way it should be. I pray that the example I set for them becomes the way they desire to live their life, and that means I really have to depend on God to guide me through all things and let them see that. I want to be an example to my wife. I want my beautiful bride of 13 years to see me as an example of how spouses should treat each other, how a man should treat a woman. That through my desire to be an example by seeking after him I can boast in God alone that he allowed me to live a life that directed people to turn their gaze to him. That in none of these areas would my example be complimented as, Kelly you are doing such a good job, but as, Kelly I can really see Christ through your lifestyle and how you lead. That is the example that I can be proud of.

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