New Here?

leader_davidMessage from our Lead Pastor

Welcome and thanks for exploring Arapaho Road. We desire to be a church family trying to be “In community and On mission.” That means we seek to Follow Jesus, Love Your Neighbor, Bless the City, and Make Disciples.

We understand being "in community" to have two parts. First, it means being “in community” with God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Second, being "in community" means seeking to live life in the context of authentic relationships with others who are trying to follow Jesus.

We also desire to be a church "on mission." As we bless and serve people across the street and around the world, we believe we join God in the work of His Kingdom coming and His will being done on earth as it is in heaven. Living "on mission" means we seek to develop community partnerships and relationships with our neighbors. This is how we share the gospel through actions and words as we help point people to Jesus.

I invite you to join the Arapaho Road family this Sunday at 10:45am as we gather for worship. In the meantime, feel free to email any prayer requests or questions to us. I look forward to meeting you soon.

- David Rogers, Dmin.

Service Times

Life Groups @ 9:15 am (In person & Online)

Worship Service @ 10:45am (In person & Online)

Childcare is provided during service and Life Groups.


Meet the Pastor

Pastor David hosts an informal "meet the pastor" time after the 10:45am worship service near the front of our Worship Center platform each week during which guests can meet him and ask questions about the service or the church. For those who don't have a Bible of their own, David would like to give you one during this time as well.



How long does a normal service last?

We normally are together about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Am I dressed appropriately for this church?

Yes! We want everyone to feel the freedom to dress in a way that is comfortable and respectful. Some may feel more comfortable in a coat and tie while others enjoy wearing more casual wear such as jeans and a shirt. Just be yourself and know you are among friends who are glad you are here today.

Why do we sing?

We believe that singing songs is one of the ways we worship God. We read in the Bible that singing is a way that we bless God and tell God how we love Him.

Why do we stand when we sing?

Sometimes we stand when we sing as a way to honor God. You are free to stand, sit, kneel, or engage in whatever posture is most comfortable to you during our time of singing.

Why do we read the Bible?

We believe the Bible is the Word of God. We can know who God is and what God desires for our lives by reading the words found in the Bible. We believe God inspired men to write and record these words centuries ago. We believe they not only have been inspired by God, but also preserved by God and are accurate and trustworthy.

Why do we say “Thanks be to God” after the pastor reads from the Bible and says “The Word of the Lord?”

This is a way to remind us that God has given us His words to live by and to know who God is. Because God reveals Himself through His Word, we choose to express our thanks through this simple, yet unified expression.

Do I have to put money in the offering boxes near the exit doors?

No. We are glad you are here as our guest. You are not expected to give any money when the offering plates are passed. The reason they are passed is because giving money is one way people worship God. Followers of Jesus choose to give to God through the church. This church is funded by what is given by the people who attend Arapaho Road Baptist Church. There is no other funding that comes to the church except that which is given by the people who freely choose to do so as a way to worship and honor God.

Why do we do a blessing at the end of our time together?

Throughout church history one of the ways that the people concluded their time together was through a spoken blessing over the people. We hold our hands in a posture that represents we are receiving something to take with us. The blessing is meant to be a word of encouragement and hope as we depart.

Why do we say a benediction prayer at the end?

Again, throughout church history one of the other ways that people concluded their time together was by praying a closing remark together. Our practice at Arapaho Road has been to pray a part of the Bible in unison as a declaration before God and each other. At the conclusion of the prayer the person leading dismisses the church by saying a call and response phrase that is part of our identity as a church. “Arapaho Road: In Community and (people respond) On Mission.”

Where can I get connected to a smaller group of people in my season of life?

At Arapaho Road we encourage every person to be a part of a Life Group. We have Life Groups for kids, students, and adults. To find out which Life Group would be a good fit for you, see Pastor David in the Home Life Center after the worship service.

Who can I talk to in order to get more information about what it means to be a follower of Jesus or to get my questions answered?

It is our honor to help all who have questions about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We love being able to help people explore the answers to the questions. The best way to take a next step is to fill out the Connect Card in the rack in front of you and either put it in the offering plate later in the morning or bring it to our Pastor at the end of the worship service. Pastor David loves to meet new people each week in the Home Life Center and would love to help answer any questions.