The day before we left for preteen camp I took my son Tristan in for his 12 year well child visit.  During this visit his pediatrician wanted to do an EKG. Now, he does not have any previous heart issues, but because he is an athlete they are doing proactive EKG’s on kids starting at 12.  I did not give it another thought until I got a phone call from the pediatrician two days later, and this EKG would become the Giant I needed to slay.

There I stood on the back porch of our cabin at preteen camp hearing the worst thing I could possibly be hearing.  The EKG revealed an electrical problem with the left side of his heart, and I needed to get him in to a pediatric cardiologist next week.  Stunned I hung up the phone, said a quick prayer, and went inside to teach the 10 preteens we took to camp our daily devotion. But, all afternoon I had thoughts of fear and panic racing through my mind.  I told a few of my prayer warriors but did not want to tell Tristan because I did not want him to spend his week at camp worrying and scared.

So we go into worship that night and as we sit waiting for the service to begin I received a text from my sister reminding me that I was in the perfect place to be ministered to by the Holy Spirit, and she was praying peace over me and healing for Tristan.  Of course, I know I’m supposed to give my fear to God, but my human brain was fearful. So there we were worshiping when the worship leader taught us a new song “Giants”. The bridge in the song said “We will not fear NO we will not fear.” Ok Holy Spirit I’m listening.  And the chorus said “You move the mountains, you part the waters, you fight our battles, Nothings impossible.  You are our strong defense, we stand in confidence, our God unstoppable, Nothing’s impossible.”  


As we sang the song I hung my head and listened and prayed that God would take away my fear; and that whatever we face with Tristan; please bring him healing.  And every time I felt that fear rise up I prayed it right back down. There are 80 times the Bible makes reference to fear. Though as humans it can be hard not to be fearful but Isaiah 43:1 says “Fear not, for I have redeemed you: I have called you by name, you are Mine.”   God is commanding us to not have fear.  

We took Tristan in to the pediatric cardiologist that next week.  He explained that what he read on the original EKG was an electrical issue that caused the blood to flow differently through Tristan’s heart.  So he wanted to do another EKG in his office to be sure this is what he was seeing. This time it read completely normal, and there was nothing wrong with Tristan’s heart.  The doctor chalked it up to different EKG techniques done in different offices. Relieved, we left his office.

Sometimes when we are walking through the storms of life we need little songs we sing at preteen camp to remind us that God is always with us.  Isaiah 43:2 goes on to say “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you: and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you: when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.

My prayer is that you too will remember what God commands us in Isaiah when you are facing storms in your life.  

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