A Fulfilling Summer

By Kelly Brewer, Interim Minister to Students

The temperature has risen, the days are longer, hotdogs and hamburgers are being grilled daily, watermelon is the preferred fruit…it is Summer.

As a student, I looked forward to every summer as a time to experience fun trips, time with friends, and of course swimming. As an adult, I still wish I could walk out of the door at the end of May and not show back up until August. Although this doesn’t happen, I do get to live viciously through my children and our church.

Most churches I have been a part of in the past slow down to a point of almost nothing during the summer months. ARBC has proven to be the exception to this. Our church partnered with the city of Garland for a second year to host a summer nutrition program that has allowed us to help provide a lunch to children in our area that may not have a source to receive food during the day otherwise. We have left campus to run the student camp and children’s camp. With our congregation’s help, we held an awesome vacation bible school on our campus.

We also have the LionHeart school with kids showing up each day and other outside groups using our facilities for training through the week and weekend. Garland CAN is preparing for another great school year on our campus as we continue to seek ways to serve together. Our students have been meeting each week off campus to spend time together and build relationships during the summer.

Summer may bring thoughts of laying by the pool or on a beach, but at ARBC summers have proven to be anything but slow and mundane. It’s exciting to see how God is continuing to use our faithfulness and desire to serve him and our community even during summertime. We would love to have you come check out what God is doing and how you can be involved.

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