What’s Happening at Arapaho Road

By Jim Conner, Assistent to Executive Pastor

To find out what is happening at ARBC, all you need to do is go to our website. This will provide you with a list of activities the Church sponsors: Together We Serve, Summer Nutrition Program. Japan Night, Vacation Bible School (VBS), AWANA, Family Fun Night, Lionheart, and of course our recent partner, Texas Can Academy. So it’s easy to see what’s happening!

Is that all you see? How about our great Sunday services that are always based on the Word of God? Have you considered how our Life Groups are active in everything on our campus? Go into our Kids Ministry or Student Ministry on any given Sunday to see how the scriptures are being taught and learned by our future leaders. There’s much more besides what we see in Arapaho Road Today or on our website.

For instance, I attended Sunday Services and felt I was doing the right thing while worshiping God. Then I had a Spiritual Awakening, I was just attending, enjoying the services, singing great hymns and then going home to wait for the next Sunday. I decided that more was needed, so I volunteered to work in the Kids Ministry. I suddenly became more aware of what was really happening at Arapaho Road Baptist Church. Volunteering gave my life greater purpose with a broader perspective. I found myself helping and serving others. I discovered I became more generous and learned that generosity is time, talent, and treasure.

While working VBS a few years ago I was approached by the Lead Pastor who informed me that my granddaughter Emma declared she wanted to be baptized. I can’t express how I felt. I realized my granddaughter was receiving the message, understood the message and was ready to continue the next step in her spiritual growth–a public declaration of Faith through baptism.  This did not need to be in Arapaho Road Today, there was no need to publicize her story. Friends, teachers and volunteers who knew her were aware of her declaration.

So what’s happening at Arapaho Road Baptist Church?  Salvation! Followers of Christ!  In Community, On Mission!  THIS is what is happening at ARBC. We are teaching our future leaders about Jesus, constantly using the Bible for guidance, and we center all activities based on the Word of God.

Many can get this, but I suggest members will really learn what is happening at Arapaho by volunteering.  This small gesture will open doors of serving opportunities.  Members will see the activities through enlightened eyes, while becoming more capable of professing to others. Volunteers have a greater opportunity to witness an activity or action that will lift your spirit and demonstrate the importance of serving.  

Therefore, if you really want to know what’s happening at ARBC, I challenge you to become a volunteer. Work in the areas in the church to spread the Word of God and encourage others in their Faith. It’s so worthwhile.

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