The Future of the Student Ministry at Arapaho Road

Many of you may remember that in the fall of last year, we had an assessment of our student ministry. We wanted to see a clear picture where we were at and be given some guidance for next steps to move our student ministry in the right direction going forward. Many objectives were given and steps have been taken to fulfill those objectives. One of the biggest objectives was to establish a Student Ministry Council and we’ve done that! In addition to Scott Partridge, the council includes Kendrick Baker, Audra Astler, Kelly Brewer, Marsha Eaglin, Bruno Araujo, and Julia Sandoval. They work together to complete the objectives set forth from the assessment and help shape a healthy student ministry. This group has already done a tremendous job of laying a foundation for what our student ministry needs to be in the days to come. Some of these things include:

  • Crafting a vision statement to define the student ministry
  • Crafting purpose statements to give direction to the programs and activities of the student ministry
  • Creating systems and structures to support the student ministry
  • Planning and implementing necessary tasks for Overflow
  • Thinking through the plan for Sundays and Wednesdays through the end of the summer
  • Giving input on how our volunteers can better teach and train our students
  • Implementing a plan to better equip our student ministry volunteers
  • Researching the most effective ways to communicate to respective audiences regarding student ministry activities
  • Developing a strategy to best equip parents and teenagers for the challenges that teenagers face in our society

These are just a few of the things that the council has done. There are many more things to come and many more objectives to accomplish. In addition to these administrative things, there are also some physical changes coming to the student building. These changes will make the student building a more welcoming environment and a place that our students will want to be. One of the keys to an effective student ministry is having an appealing atmosphere in which the teenagers can feel comfortable and this remodel will help us considerably to meet that goal.

There is much more to communicate in the near future. Parents, students, and volunteers will be hearing about our new vision and purpose statements after Overflow. Exciting summer opportunities are just around the corner. For now, the biggest thing we need is prayer. Will you commit to praying for our students? Will you commit to praying for the students who will be part of our student ministry but are not yet? This includes kids in our kids ministry as well as other students in the community who do not yet go to church. We care about “Growing Strong Families” here at Arapaho Road. We want students to hear the gospel and to have their lives radically changed because of the love of Christ. We desire for families, teenagers included, to live out the gospel in their homes and in their neighborhoods. If any of this is going to happen, it will happen because God did it. We pray that God will use the council, the student ministry, and Arapaho Road for His glory.

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