The 9 Series: Kindness

By Bitu Das, AR Intern

In a sequel to the movie Bruce Almighty, Evan Almighty, Steve Carell plays a role of a newscaster who is commanded by God to create an Ark. Throughout the movie he is molded from a cut throat newscaster to a kind man. At the end of the movie, he is given an acronym for the word “ARK.” Act of Random Kindness.

Being from Bangladesh, I have a lot of restrictions on how I can share the Gospel. I cannot engage in open evangelism, but what I can do is be kind. Nothing in the constitution of Bangladesh can prevent me from being kind. When I wonder about the Cross, and what was completed on the Cross, I can’t help but be kind. The epitome of kindness was displayed by Jesus Christ on the Cross! He did not need to carry my sin, but He did it anyway. Death has no authority over me anymore because of the kindness of Christ on that cross of Calvary.

I am kind because my heavenly Father is kind. If it wasn’t for His kindness, I would have been consumed by the fires of hell because of my sins. Because the wages of sin is DEATH. Because of the kindness of God the Father, I have hope. His love is new every morning, because He is kind. His kindness is expressed in His love for us because when I was engrossed in sin, Christ, His one and only son died for me. As we observe the ministry of Jesus throughout the New Testament, it is filled with kindness. He was actively seeking to help out people in need and be a loving savior to them. As I have been the recipient of such immense kindness, how can I be anything but kind to others? Our lives should overflow with the fragrance of kindness.

Every morning as I wake up, the first thing I do is put on my spectacles (as I’m practically blind without them), and try to do what Paul asks in Colossians 3:12: put on kindness everyday as we go on about our day.

Dr. Wess Stafford is the President Emeritus for Compassion International. When he was serving as the President and the CEO of Compassion International, he went for a field visit to the Philippines. As they were walking about the road and he was chatting with the country director and the leadership team there, Wess saw a kid in the gutter. He went down into the gutter and picked up the child and brought him up to the ground. He took the child up and hugged him dearly. As he hugged the child the sewage dripped all over him. Noel, the country director was taken aback at this event. The team then proceeded to tend to the child. Noel asked Wess what he was doing. Wess answered him that the boy might forget anything that might have been said to him, but he will remember that weird white man getting down to the sewer to get him up and gave him a genuine hug. This is the ministry that we are called to.

Act of Random Kindness People! ARK!

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