Summer Nutrition Program Coming to Arapaho Road

Imagine Arapaho Road Baptist Church being known in our community as the church that feeds hungry kids. Jesus tells us in Matthew 25 that when we feed the ones who are hungry, it is as if we have fed Him when He was hungry.

This past Sunday we talked about how part of what it means to be a church who is In Community and On Mission is to be about blessing the city and loving our neighbors. We were honored to host our Garland City Councilman for District 7, Mr. Scott LeMay. During our time, Mr. LeMay shared about a specific need in our neighborhood that involves collaborating with the City of Garland through a funded program to help feed hungry kids who live around us. Starting this June as the school year concludes, Arapaho Road Baptist Church will be a feeding site so that hungry kids in our neighborhood can have something nutritious to eat. Our elders and other church leadership believe this will be an opportunity to love our neighbors and bless the city in very practical ways.

In the coming weeks we will look for opportunities to share more information with the church family in an effort to Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. In the meantime, here are a few pieces of information surrounding the City of Garland Summer Nutrition Program.

  • The Summer Nutrition Program (SNP) was created to ensure that children with food insecurity could continue to receive nutritious free meals during the summer months when they do not have access to school lunch or breakfast.
  • The SNP is entering its 21st year in the City of Garland.
  • Last summer there were 33 registered sites in Garland that hosted and provided the SNP.
  • The 2015 program provided 12,075 breakfasts and 72,757 lunches between June 8, 2015 and August 7, 2015.
  • Arapaho Road Baptist Church will plan to become the first site in District 7 for the 2016 summer program as there were not any sites in 2015.
  • The Regulatory Agencies involved include the SNP are the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA).
  • The SNP has a vended meal program.
  • Pepisco has been the vendor for three years.
  • The SNP serves both a hot and cold menu.
  • To qualify for the SNP a site must be located within the campus attendance zone of a school where 50% or more of the students participate in the free and reduced-price lunch program. Arapaho Road Baptist Church qualifies as a feeding sight due to our proximity to Hickman Elementary School.
  • Our leadership already has communicated with the Hickman Elementary School leadership including Principal Disa McEwen and guidance counselor Martha Burnett regarding this upcoming potential partnership with the City of Garland and the SNP for 2016.
  • There is a process for training, application, and pre-operation visits to become a site to host the SNP that Arapaho Road will be going through at the appropriate time in the coming months.
  • 1 out of 4 kids in Texas goes hungry during the summer.
  • Arapaho Road Baptist Church has an opportunity to partner with our city and other friends to love our neighbors and bless the city in the summer of 2016.

Will you begin praying how God might want you to be a part of this upcoming opportunity?

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