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Serving Through Children

By Zion Gasilan, Ministry Resident

It is truly a wonderful experience to be used by the Lord in the ministry and to be a channel of blessing in the lives of people. Being a ministry resident and leader for the children has been transformative and challenging at the same time. My experience working and preparing for the children’s ministry has helped me grow in my dependence on the Lord and strengthen and develop new skills that will provide children a better experience each Sunday.

As a leader, it has always been my prayer to be used as a compass that point people to Christ and be a conduit of growth. It is my desire for the children and also for the leaders that I work with. I realized that I can only do so much preparation every Sunday, but unless the Lord is centered in every decision, preparation, and performance, there will be no lasting impact in people’s lives. Or, for this context, the children’s lives.

The Lord is constantly reminding me that I am a mere instrument in God’s ministry that will help direct the children to the very reason and purpose of our existence: God. He is the One who gives us purpose and it is for His glory that we live and do all things (Col. 3:17). I thank the Lord that my responsibility is not really to make them grow but instead to provide a place and experience that will help the children be pointed to Christ, who is the One who will bring real change in their lives and the focal point of our worship.

Part of my responsibility as a Ministry Resident is to lead the children into worship. Singing is not something that I’m confident in doing, but the Lord has challenged me through my pastors to bring live worship for the kids. I was hesitant and nervous in doing it but it was another area in my life that the Lord showed to me that all I needed to to do was depend and submit to Him. I don’t see myself a good singer but to my amazement the children are enjoying their time singing praise and worship to the Lord. It is so encouraging to see and hear them sing the songs as I lead them. The Lord has showed me that all I need was to submit and do my best in preparing and leading the children.

Serving the Lord is truly rewarding and it is amazing to see God move through you in the lives of people. I’m truly thankful that the Lord is using me in His ministry here at the church. My challenge for you, if you have a desire to serve and be used for the Lord, is to start getting involved. If you have a heart for the children, sign up for the children’s volunteer. There are other ministries in the church where you can serve and you will be amazed at how the Lord will work in your life as a channel of blessing.

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