PSALM 23 - The Walk Begins | Dr. David Rogers | February 26, 2012

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PSALM 23 - The Walk Begins
Dr. David Rogers, Lead Pastor
February 26, 2012

Join Dr. David Rogers, lead pastor at Arapaho Road Baptist Church in Garland Texas, as he begins a sermon series on Psalm 23.

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Table Talk Questions:

  1. What is the one thing you are most thankful for that God has done in the life of Arapaho Road over the past year?

  2. After praying the Lord's Prayer at church of the last 52 weeks, what is the part of that prayer that is most meaningful to you today?

  3. What do you think might be different about your life and your walk with God if you were to walk intentionally with God for the next six weeks toward Easter?

  4. When did the Lord become YOUR shepherd? Describe that time in your life when that took place or is it something you are still thinking about in your life?

  5. Where in your life do you most feel like a "sheep?"

  6. What did you think about the question Pastor David asked concerning: "What is your sign?" How does that relate to being a follower of Jesus?

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