THE WINDSTORMS OF LIFE | Dr. David Rogers | February 19, 2012

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The Windstorms of Life
Dr. David Rogers, Lead Pastor
February 19, 2012

Join Dr. David Rogers, lead pastor at Arapaho Road Baptist Church in Garland, Texas, as he shares passages from the Bible and how to handle the windstorms that we will encounter in our lives.

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Realities of the Windstorms

  1. No windstorm will blow on my life or your life that does not first blow past Jesus.

  2. Jesus already knows the windstorms ahead of us.

  3. Jesus intends to see us through the windstorms ahead of us.

  4. It is easy to lose hope when the winds blow because we lose focus on Jesus.

  5. Jesus is the Sovereign Lord of all...even over the winds.

What is the lens through which you are looking at life's circumstances that you are facing?

  1. Is this what I want?

  2. Is this what I deserve?

  3. Is this what I like?

  4. Is this what I expected?

  5. Is this what I always thought would happen?

  6. Does this make sense to me?

  7. Does this fit into my plans?

  8. Does this inconvenience me?

  9. Does this make me happy?

  10. Will people understand?

In the Bible there are two primary lenses through which to view life:

  1. How can this glorify God?

  2. How can this accomplish God's purpose on the earth?

You can choose to view the winds as opportunities and not as enemies if you will begin to realize and understand that:

  1. Winds help you refocus on what is really important.

  2. Winds remind me of my lack of control and total dependence on God in all of life.

  3. Winds forge my character into His character.

  4. Winds cause me to depend on others.

  5. Winds build a platform for God to work.

  6. Winds urge me to drop anchor to something secure.

Four places to put secure lines and anchor your life:

  1. Anchor to the person of Jesus.

  2. Anchor to the Body of Christ...the Church.

  3. Anchor to the Word of God...the Bible.

  4. Anchor to a lifestyle of praise.

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