Seeing with Brush, Oil, and Canvas

By Dawn Baker, Artist in Residence

June 18th-21st we held the first Oil Painting Workshop at AR led by myself. I had felt for many months leading up to the class a special excitement and couldn’t wait to see what God would teach all of us. We had friends from Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas Baptist University along with some of our own dear artists. What a beautiful group! I felt spoiled as each person was encouraging and supportive. I was also blown away by the talent!

We did value (light and dark) the first day, 2nd day low key palette, 3rd day middle key and last day high key palettes. We really spent our time talking about the emotional impact of contrasts and colors. You may get George to show you his barn if you ask nicely! He did great (and Beth too).

I leave you with some examples from our own church family: Bernice Phanthavady, Evan Perry and Isabella Bemont’s work is below (wish I could show you everybody’s!):

Evan Perry’s Works








Isabella Bemont’s Works








Bernice Phanthavady’s Favorite Piece







She wrote, “…I officially can’t get over the fact that I did this, because I now absolutely love this piece! I see an angel in it!”

I just want to thank Scott Lyles and Pastor Dan Liles who helped us have the Student Building cool and ready for our class. I also want to thank our staff for all the support and encouragement as we were able to raise over $1000 for the art budget because of this class.

As I write this, Mac Lower, is leading a class once a week on Tuesday nights from 6-8 p.m. on acting. We had 5 people there last night and it was great to see people learning but also having fun with their gifts and talents.

Mostly, we just give God all the praise for His love and the opportunity to express the arts at AR.


“Arts purpose is to create a longing in people’s hearts. A longing that only Christ can fulfill.” – Ravi Zacharias


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