Overflow 2016

It was about 1:00 am on Sunday morning, February 14, and I was finally able to stop for a second to think about everything that had happened over the past two days. Around 35 students from Arapaho Road and Friendship Baptist Church had participated in Overflow. It was incredible. God showed up in our times of worship and in our breakout sessions. Everyone seemed to be having fun and there were no huge issues that had to be dealt with. (As a student pastor, that’s the best thing you can ask for during the weekend.)

I saw our students at Arapaho Road jump into a service project to “Bless the City.” I called the city of Garland about 10 days prior to the weekend and asked if there were ever any parks that needed some extra attention that we could come help clean. Without hesitating, the man on the phone said “Yes. Duck Creek Walking Trail. We have issues with litter all the time.” I told him I would get back with him. I drove by Duck Creek and some surrounding parks and thought, we can do this. Our four homes of students spread out among three parks to pick up trash for a couple hours. And they picked up a lot of trash. Nobody wants to go dig through trash in their free time, but our students took part of their weekend to do just that. They showed that they care about the community and want to make the city a better place.

Our students also learned about God’s “Overflowing Love” this past weekend. They learned that God loves us so much, and that when we truly experience His love for us, it cannot stay with us. It overflows out of us and affects the lives of all those around us. The way to know what God did during Overflow Weekend is to pay attention to our students in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. When God’s love is made real to us, we can never be the same. Pray for our students as they seek to walk with Jesus in the days to come. They face struggles that you and I could never imagine, but they serve a God that is always with them and will never leave them or forsake them. They serve a God who will always love them. They serve a God who can change their lives forever.

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