By Nicole Nieman, Children’s Ministry Assistant

“Mom, do I HAVE to go to church in the morning?”

Before finding Arapaho Road, this was a recurring question every single Saturday night. And every single Saturday night, I replied: “Yes,” and then every single Sunday morning I would proceed to drag my children to church.

Truth be told, there were days I had to drag myself to church, but, of course, God was always faithful and had something special waiting for me. Whether it was to hear something He needed me to hear, or to be there for someone God needed to use me to speak to, I was always glad that I did go.

Somewhere along the way, God told me that He needed me somewhere else. He told me that moving churches would help my family to grow. Little did I know He didn’t just mean my children, but He meant my husband and me too! That is how we landed here at Arapaho Road.

I spent A LOT of time in prayer and in the Word seeking guidance and clarity on this move. It was at my former church that I heard my calling into the ministry, and for the longest time God was telling me that I was to serve there. This move was a HUGE decision for me and I did not take it lightly. I was also worried about how my children would adjust to a new church, especially my 7th grade son.  I know how important youth groups are to 13-year-olds as my youth group impacted me tremendously growing up.

However, God put my mind at ease the first time we came to visit Arapaho Road! We were not even out of the parking lot yet when my 7th grade son asked if we could come back next Sunday. From that first Sunday on we have felt like this is home! Each Sunday as we are driving home, my 10-year-old son tells me what he thought about the worship service and the sermon.  Which he never did before! I take pleasure in giving a weekly “what Tristan thought about the worship service” update in our staff meetings on Mondays!

My kids were never as engaged in church as they are now, and as a parent that means the world to me! Oh, and our Saturday night dialogue has also changed! In the nearly 5 months that we have been here, I have not been asked once if we “HAVE” to go to church Sunday! We cannot wait to officially make Arapaho Road our home!

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