Meditative Moment at the Cross

by Dawn Baker

Today you will notice that the cross is draped in red. As we are walking through Lent think about the symbolism of this color. In the Bible it has been used to represent bloodshed and war (II Kings 3:22), temptation to sin (Prov 23:31), and sinfulness (Isa 1:18). In the coming ages the Bible describes a red horse (Rev 6:4, again symbolizing war) and a red dragon (Rev. 12) as the power of Satan. Although it has these negative symbols, it has also become the color of hope. Remember when Rahab, in Jericho, let out the red cord from her window to save her from destruction? And for many ages the Jews were to put blood upon their doorposts as a sign forthe Angel of Death to pass over their house (Ex 12:7). This is the path to discovering Jesus in this color. He saves us from our destruction. He delivers us from death and the power of sin. By His blood we are washed white as snow. As we think upon this time in our church calendar, remember that He ACTED on His love. The color red signifies that action. It took His very lifeblood. On the color spectrum red sits directly opposite the color green. This is a beautiful way to remember that through the blood of Jesus we have new life. By His blood we can truly live.

Scripture Reflection:
Ephesians 2:13 “But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have
been brought near by the blood of Christ.”

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