Lionheart Families Joining the Party

Last Friday evening, the Arapaho Road Children’s Building was packed with people, young and old, who were laughing, playing games, and enjoying good conversations around the tables. It was one of the church’s Family Fun Night events unfolding as it has about once per quarter. However, this was the first time the Arapaho Road family had an opportunity to invite the families who now are a part of Lionheart Children’s Academy. Family Fun Night was intended to be a simple, free evening where families could pick up a “to go” order for dinner and eat together while playing games at the end of another work week. While many of the families and friends who showed up to enjoy the evening were already part of the Arapaho Road family, three of the families who were present for the evening were new friends that had their children enrolled at Lionheart!

It was great to invest time over dinner and playing games with these new families who quickly found themselves enjoying the evening and making new friends. I had the opportunity to spend quality time with each of these families and was able to get to know them better as the evening unfolded. Relationships were being built amidst an environment of fun, families, and food! The Lionheart families were extended invitations to join us for worship on Sunday. Once Sunday morning rolled around, one of those families who had joined us on Friday evening walked through the doors and enjoyed the morning worship time with the rest of the Arapaho Road family.

I had a chance to talk at length with this family, not only on the Friday evening, but also before and after the worship service on Sunday. Their comment to me as they stopped by the Home Life Center on their way to visit a Life Group:

“This place feels like family. This place feels like home.”


Within the first four weeks of Lionheart being open we have seen two families from the Children’s Academy attend a morning worship service during the month of January. Both families have indicated they plan to come back. They are feeling welcomed and are enjoying getting to know the great people who make up Arapaho Road Baptist Church as they find themselves in the midst of a people who are worshiping Jesus and studying the Bible together.

Thank you to each and every person who is part of the Arapaho Road family! You are making a difference as you reach out, invite friends, extend genuine greetings, and help make this church feel like the family that it is. You continue to help shape a healthy culture around here. You are helping to Grow Strong Families. God is using you to help connect people and point people to Jesus. May we continue to be In Community and On Mission as we Follow Jesus, Love Your Neighbor, Bless the City, and Make Disciples.

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