dying easter eggs

Light in the Darkness

By Bitu Das, Intern

Easter, for me, marks a milestone in my life. April 16th, 1995 was the very day I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. It was the Easter of 1995, and right after the service my dad asked me if I was ready to accept Christ into my life. I gave my life to Christ and from that day I knew I was going to walk the streets of gold one day.

However, Easter in Bangladesh is just another day for 99% of the population. It is not even a holiday. However, for the Christians it is a time for contemplation and celebration of the risen King! I have been privileged to be born into a Christian family and thus the value of Easter was engraved in my heart from a very young age. Since the cultural is communal, Easter is very family oriented. One unique celebration that happens in my home city is that we have a gathering of all the churches of the city for a Sunrise Service. We celebrate the Savior’s resurrection as the sun rises. It is unique to see all denominations coming together to celebrate Easter.

One memory that I still remember is my time at my grandpa’s place. We would always have lunch at my grandparent’s place after church in the morning. My grandpa would organize an Easter egg hunt for all the grandchildren. We looked forward to it every year. Right after lunch we would start the hunt and the winner would get the best ice cream popsicle. We knew everyone would get something, but everybody wanted the chocolate popsicle. It would be a nice time spent with all the cousins and family.

Bangladesh really does not understand what we celebrate on Easter, but it is a nation that needs Christ! It is a nation filled with darkness with 99% of the people trying to work their way into heaven, a nation that needs to be washed by the blood of Christ. This Easter would you take one minute to pray for the nation of Bangladesh?

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