I Can Do All Things

Tristan is one of our 5th graders here at Arapaho Road.  Since Tristan was a toddler his life has revolved around baseball.  He lives, eats, breathes , and sleeps baseball.  It consumes all of his thoughts, and will often spill over into his school work too.  On any given day you will typically find him wearing his team t-shirt or his team’s colors at the least with a baseball glove on his hand.  He loves his uniform to look pristine so much so that you will often find his dad power washing Tristan’s white baseball pants to bring them back to their white state.  So imagine my excitement when he came to me with his brand new never even seen baseball dirt cleats and a red sharpee.  He asked that I write Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me on the back of his cleats.  He wanted that to be a reminder to himself of Who gives him his talent, and he also wanted it to be a way he can witness to his teammates and anyone else who may happen to see them.

Tristan and I talk all the time about how important it is to always remember Philippians 4:13.  It is a part of his life story.   Tristan has faced a lot of medical problems in his life.  So for him to be able to overcome all of these things and have the talent he has there is only one explanation.  That is Christ.

Recently, he was playing in a tournament.  During the final 2 games the parents on both sides started getting into heated disagreements about the game.  At the end of the final game the coaches gathered both teams together on the pitcher’s mound to pray.  One parent on our team turned to a non-believing parent on our team and said “I wonder what your kid thinks of prayer after a game that showed the most poor sportsmanship I’ve ever seen?”  That question has resonated with me and led me to have a discussion with Tristan.  I reminded him that there are families on our team that do not believe in Christ, and how important it is for him to be a strong witness.  We discussed that it does not matter what happens during the course of a game nothing that happens gives you permission to act any way but Christ like.  You may not agree with some things that happen on the field, but you always remember who you are and Who you belong to.  He just points to his cleats and says “I remember”.

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