Alex May 2017

Heart of a Teenage Volunteer

By Kevin Kusunoki, Ministry Resident

“Teenagers don’t like to wake up early”

“Teenagers will only show up if things are lit”

“Teenagers can’t be trusted with responsibilities”.

We’ve heard these comments over and over. We hear it whispered in the church hallways, from parents venting about their teenage kids, from the media and popular culture. The truth of the matter is that teenagers aren’t trusted, sometimes at no fault of their own.

That is why I want to tell the story of Alex Sandoval. If you ever swing by the church at 7:30am in the morning on Sunday, you will see Alex’s bicycle chained up to the fence in front of the Worship Center. If you make your way into the worship sanctuary you will see him sitting in the sound booth next to Norm Fitzgerald and Ryan Smith, taking notes and asking questions. Alex is hungry to serve the church, and he is doing so by learning a new skill: mixing sound. I asked him when he first signed up to volunteer with the tech team which job he’d prefer to do. He had a choice between doing the powerpoint, doing the lights, and mixing sound. He replied, “I want to learn how to do sound, it seems like a good challenge!” What an amazing attitude!

I think there is something we can all learn from Alex. When we think about serving the church, we think about our talents and how they might benefit the church. Some have the gift of hospitality, so they serve on the hospitality team. Others have musical gifts, so they sing in the choir or play in the band. People who love children serve in the kids ministry and people who love teaching lead Sunday schools. But Alex never thought about his talents, he thought about what he could learn in order to serve the church. He looked for the greatest opportunity to step out of his comfort zone in order to serve the church. He sought to become the person that could fill a need.

For those of us who don’t know how to serve the church because our gifts don’t align with the church’s needs, we can ask ourselves the same question Alex pondered. How do we become the person that can fill a need?

So if you ever wonder where Alex is you will find him sitting in the sound booth at 7:30am every morning, and he is never late! Thank you Alex, for being an example to all of us!

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” (1 Tim. 4:12)

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