Our Friends at International Leadership of Texas

By Dan Liles, Associate Pastor of Worship & Discipleship
I want to share a quick story about something amazing that happened just across the street from our church at the International Leadership of Texas charter school located on Shiloh Road.
It has been an annual custom for several years to ask our friends from IL Texas to help our church get nearly 3,000 eggs stuffed with candy in time for our annual Palm Sunday Easter egg hunt.  Of course, this tradition began when IL Texas was meeting for their first year on our campus in the Family Life Center.  The school administrators have always cheerfully agreed to organize the project on their campus so that students can volunteer to help us and complete service hours toward their academic requirements.  This year was no different…except for the fact that on the day of our scheduled service project, they surprised us with more help than we could handle!  Have you ever had that happen to you?  You walk into a service project expecting 20-30 helpers, but your partners end up sending you 60-70!  That is what happened!
In years past, this project may have taken 6-8 hours spread across two days.  This year, these eager and energetic students completed the entire project in 45 minutes!  We were challenged to stay ahead of the assembly teams, but we made it!  All 2,500+ eggs were stuffed and ready to transport back to our campus within one hour!  It was truly amazing, and deeply appreciated.  I tried to personally thank as many of the students and faculty as I could before they transitioned into their next period of classes and work.  What a great experience to work together on a simple project which adds value to our community.
We also look forward to May 21, Serve Together Sunday, where we partner with Children’s Hunger Fund to fill 1,000 boxes of food for hungry children across North Texas and around the world.  Did you know that 21 Chinese students from IL Texas are planning to join us for this great day of service?  Please help us show appreciation for these young people who will joining in with us on this special day.
I hope you will join with us praying that the Lord may open many more doors of opportunity like this to serve together with our friends at International Leadership of Texas!

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