First Communion for Caleb

By: Dr. David Rogers

“Caleb just experienced his first Lord’s Supper with us this morning.”  


Craig, Caleb’s dad, was beaming as he stopped by on his way to Life Groups to share the news with me as people were exiting the worship center.  I just smiled and celebrated with him.  Such a holy moment that took place on the first Sunday of Advent caused me to reflect on the journey Caleb has been on in recent months.

Not too long ago I had the privilege of being in the baptismal waters with Caleb’s big sister, Chloe.  After having the opportunity to hear how she had put her faith, hope and trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of her sins, she now was going public as a follower of Jesus.  She was being baptized for the whole church family to see.

Craig was in the waters with me to help “bury” his daughter in the waters of baptism before raising her up to walk in newness of life.  Chloe was following in the footsteps of Jesus by being baptized and aligning her life publicly with her Lord and Savior’s life.

Craig was right there leading his daughter through this milestone of her faith.  And on December 11, Craig again will be in the baptismal waters with me as we prepare to baptize Caleb.  Big sister’s decision to follow Jesus caused little brother to start asking questions about becoming a follower of Jesus himself.  

Caleb loves Jesus with all his 6-year-old heart, mind and soul knows how to love Him.  I think that’s what Jesus wants from all of us whether we are 6, 26 or 96 based on what I read in the Bible.  Caleb will grow in his faith and his knowledge and understanding and articulation of what all that means.  I am confident in that reality because Craig and Lauren are parenting their kids well.  Not perfect…but well.  

They are parenting with intentionality and purpose and in community.  It is part of what it means to be on mission.  Their faith and their kids’ faith do not start at church.  Faith starts at home.  The church has the privilege of coming alongside and helping to equip parents like Craig and Lauren to be who God has called them to be as a husband, wife, and parents of their kids.

Yep, Caleb enjoyed his first Communion last Sunday.  That is a special moment after a person becomes a follower of Jesus.  Caleb’s baptism will be another special moment in a couple of weeks.  Caleb will be entering the same waters where he watched his big sister take the plunge. I get to be there beside Craig to do the honors once more.  It never gets old to me.

I have no doubt in time that little brother, Calvin, will be following in big brother Caleb’s footsteps.  That’s the kind of stuff that happens when faith is starting at home.

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