fire in my bones

Fire in My Bones!

By Kelly Brewer, Interim Minister to Students

When I hear someone speak about a “life verse” it is usually one they relate to, or something that makes them feel good or comforted when they hear it or see it. I have had different verses that have provided this to me in times where I really needed it. Usually they are scripture that I hold onto for a season, remembering them or rereading them as worry or doubt creep up in that time of life.

A few years ago I choose a “life verse” to hold onto as a goal and until I achieve it, it will continue to be the verse I hold out as my “life verse.” It is Jeremiah 20:9, “If I say, ‘I will not mention him, or speak any more in his name,’ there is in my heart as it were a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I am weary with holding it in, and I cannot.”

This verse comes in a point that the prophet Jeremiah was struggling with the work he was called to do and the people he was working with. He had just been beaten and tortured for telling people the truth that God had told him to say. He knew that he would continue to do this work and most likely continue to receive the same treatment. 

He says this verse in a moment with his hands up, as if it would be easier to let you all get what you deserve and me not say anything. Instead, he admits that if he kept his mouth shut it would be like a fire in his bones that he could not hold in. In my life I use this two fold: one,  I don’t want to ever turn from what God calls me to because it would be easier to not do it, and two, I must know the word that God wants to spread intimately for it to become a fire in my bones.

This makes me strive to know more of Him so that I have so much in me that I can’t contain it. So THIS is my life verse. If you ever see me with my bones on fire, ask me what my new life verse is.

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