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Growing Strong Families is a core value and strategic initiative here at Arapaho Road. We are doing everything we can to help equip parents, grandparents and guardians in passing a genuine, growing faith in Jesus Christ along to the next generation. Watch here for quarterly campaigns as well as recommended resources.

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It’s THAT Time of Year

By Kelly Brewer This is the time of year that kicks into warp speed and is over before we realized it has begun. We say to each other “Take time to reflect on what you are thankful for," but who has time for that? With all the busyness of getting to and from families to eat turkey, buy gifts, attend Christmas parties, try to not to disappoint kids, spouses, parents, and other family and friends, it can be challenging to see the big picture. When I look back and think about what I am thankful for the list gets longer.…

Holidays are for Service!

The body of Christ is made up of His believers, so it makes sense that our number one goal is to care for one another. Our mission as the church is to love our communities, but it’s not always easy to figure out how we can best serve each other well. That is why Arapaho Road is so proud of those who lead our holiday service opportunities each year. This 2016 holiday season, we saw members of the church band together for the Awana Thanksgiving Food Pantry, the Thanksgiving dinner for IL Texas Students, the Winter Coats & Blessings for…

First Communion for Caleb

By: Dr. David Rogers “Caleb just experienced his first Lord’s Supper with us this morning.”   Craig, Caleb’s dad, was beaming as he stopped by on his way to Life Groups to share the news with me as people were exiting the worship center.  I just smiled and celebrated with him.  Such a holy moment that took place on the first Sunday of Advent caused me to reflect on the journey Caleb has been on in recent months. Not too long ago I had the privilege of being in the baptismal waters with Caleb’s big sister, Chloe.  After having the…

‘Heart for the Fatherless’ Closet Update

Luana Araujo, church member and Early Childhood Coordinator at Arapaho Road, serves as Volunteer & Resource Coordinator in the Heart for the Fatherless resource center housed in our worship center building. This is a center set up to provide clothing and other household items for families who are providing foster care and who sometimes receive short placement notice. Luana sent the following update into our church office the other day: "I just wanted to report some numbers for the month of September 2016. We had about 40 people come through the resource center - either shopping or volunteering. Of those…