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Advent: Love

When I sat down to start explaining what Love means to me I thought, this will be easy.  After I started, it did not turn out to be so easy.  If I were in a conversation with someone and they asked me what is love, I felt confident I could explain but then I realized Love is such a complex emotion that it confuses many.  Let’s not get confused with the feeling of Love which Scientists claim involve dopamine, serotonin and other chemical reactions within our body.  This is what I refer to as physical love. It is easy to…

Advent: Hope

The four weeks of advent begin today. Tradition has it that a Lutheran Pastor in Germany in the 19th century began the custom of the Advent candles while working with children at a mission school. During Advent, children would ask daily whether Christmas had arrived. So he built a wooden ring of 24 red candles and 4 white candles. A small candle was lit every day and a white candle lit every Sunday in anticipation for the birth of Christ! The candles have come to mean a variety of different things over the centuries. Some traditions symbolize the candles as…

Yumm!!! The secret to reaching millennials!

Whenever church service concludes on a Sunday morning, there is always a single person who approaches Emily and I: Ms. Carol. And she always has one question, “y’all coming to eat with us today?” Her and her life-group have unlocked the secret to engaging the millennial generation. Feed them. You see, us millennials for all our passions and opinions, share one common need: we need food. But besides filling our stomachs and giving us some much needed nutrition, their ministry to us  has had an unintended consequence: its made us feel like we have a family. Emily’s parent’s live in…

What Does Veterans Day Mean?

I want to first say I may be somewhat prejudiced on this particular topic.  I entered the United States Air Force in November 1968, in the height of the Vietnam conflict.  I remained on active duty and retired in 1989.  I was no different from any other citizens during these 21 years of service.  There were highs, lows and some really mundane duties; however, in retrospect, neither I nor my wife would trade those years for anything else.  I still feel honored to have served. As a serviceman I learned that on the 11th hour of the 11th day of…