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Serving Through Children

By Zion Gasilan, Ministry Resident It is truly a wonderful experience to be used by the Lord in the ministry and to be a channel of blessing in the lives of people. Being a ministry resident and leader for the children has been transformative and challenging at the same time. My experience working and preparing for the children’s ministry has helped me grow in my dependence on the Lord and strengthen and develop new skills that will provide children a better experience each Sunday. As a leader, it has always been my prayer to be used as a compass that…

Heart of a Teenage Volunteer

By Kevin Kusunoki, Ministry Resident “Teenagers don’t like to wake up early” “Teenagers will only show up if things are lit” “Teenagers can’t be trusted with responsibilities”. We’ve heard these comments over and over. We hear it whispered in the church hallways, from parents venting about their teenage kids, from the media and popular culture. The truth of the matter is that teenagers aren’t trusted, sometimes at no fault of their own. That is why I want to tell the story of Alex Sandoval. If you ever swing by the church at 7:30am in the morning on Sunday, you will…


By Nicole Nieman, Children's Ministry Assistant “Mom, do I HAVE to go to church in the morning?” Before finding Arapaho Road, this was a recurring question every single Saturday night. And every single Saturday night, I replied: “Yes," and then every single Sunday morning I would proceed to drag my children to church. Truth be told, there were days I had to drag myself to church, but, of course, God was always faithful and had something special waiting for me. Whether it was to hear something He needed me to hear, or to be there for someone God needed to use…

A Child Will Lead Them

By Dr. David Rogers I never expected a 9-year-old girl’s painting and words of inspiration to have such a profound impact in leading me to worship Jesus over Easter weekend.  But God used Addy Orozco to do just that: lead me…and over 200 others who experienced the Maundy Thursday art worship experience at Arapaho Road Baptist Church. In fact, not only did Addy help lead us, but also several students from college age to elementary school such as Madelyn Liles, Isabella Bemont, Leah Shaw, and Ethan Perry all helped lead us to a better understanding of Jesus’ question to His…