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When Life Gives You Lemons

By Tama Bankhead, Operations Assistant A few years ago I was at the pregnancy crisis center that I had been volunteering with for a while.  It was a normal day, very busy, lots of people coming and going (this location also helped people that needed community service hours, a food pantry and children’s clothing, to name a few).  My phone was running low so I plugged it in to recharge then stepped away from my desk for a few minutes.  When I came back, my phone and charger had been reassigned to another owner.  Someone had stolen it! My knee-jerk…

The 9 Series: Joy

By Dave Peters, Ministry Resident As we continue our series of the 9 Fruits of the Spirit we come across Joy. For me, joy has always been the most elusive of the fruits to understand. I knew it wasn’t happiness or defined by my circumstances but what was it? The more I dug the more I realized that joy is placing our well-being in God who fills us instead of letting cares, riches, or pleasure define our joy. Joy doesn’t mean we have an absence of worry but we have an abundance of God. I found joy elusive because I…

The 9 Series: Love

By Kevin Kusunoki, Ministry Resident Pastor David’s sermon on love struck me in a very unusual way: it made me ponder what it meant to actually love another person. For so long I had assumed that I knew what love was, after all how hard can it be? My mom and dad always told me that to love somebody you simply do unto them as you would have them do unto you. Little did I know that their advice was actually biblical! Luke 6:31 says, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”(NIV) So I tried living…

Stranger to the Earth

By Emily Kusunoki, Ministry Resident About two years ago I was lucky enough to study abroad, something I'd dreamed about for years. I’ve always been a lover of travel and adventure, and so fate should have it that I be the ONLY student from the thousands at American University to choose Hong Kong for their spring semester. I thought, “This is even better! An adventure completely on my own!” I was wrong. Being alone in a country for months where you don’t even know the language is hard. Making new friends, finding travel buddies, ordering was all hard. In…