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Accentuate the Positive. Eliminate the Negative

Have you ever noticed that your thoughts and actions are taken over by what you focus on.  If those are negative thoughts it is hard to break free.  When you hold onto fear or negativity you can feel yourself being drained of energy and productivity.   It can be very destructive if you focus and give in to the negative.  Maybe Solomon was trying to warn us in Proverbs 23:7. “For as he thinks within himself, so he is.” It seems Solomon was saying you are what you think.  It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.  You get trapped in your negative thoughts…

Filling Lumberton

Last week teams from Arapaho Road loaded up and headed out to Lumberton, TX to help with Hurricane Relief efforts.  Thousands of people in hundreds of homes were trying to begin putting their lives back together after the effects of Hurricane Harvey washed away all sense of normalcy after floods and over 50 inches of rain doused the area. As we have learned through the years, "God moves along the rails of relationships."  The week prior to our departure to Lumberton I received a phone call from a friend of mine who serves on staff as Youth Pastor at Crestwood…

I Can Do All Things

Tristan is one of our 5th graders here at Arapaho Road.  Since Tristan was a toddler his life has revolved around baseball.  He lives, eats, breathes , and sleeps baseball.  It consumes all of his thoughts, and will often spill over into his school work too.  On any given day you will typically find him wearing his team t-shirt or his team’s colors at the least with a baseball glove on his hand.  He loves his uniform to look pristine so much so that you will often find his dad power washing Tristan’s white baseball pants to bring them back…

Hurricane Harvey Response

09/29/2017 Dear Arapaho Road Baptist Church Family and Friends, Our hearts break as we continue to pray for our family, friends and neighbors to the south who continue to be affected by Hurricane Harvey.  While there will be ongoing efforts and helpful response for many months to come, the following are trusted agencies and partnerships where both longer term, as well as immediate help, can take place. Please stay tuned for more information. Texas Baptist Men (Type of aid: Financial Donation): This group specializes in disaster relief with a long and trusted track record of gospel centered service.  Find out…