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Is Easter Just Another Sunday

By Kelly Brewer, Interim Minister to Students Growing up in a divorced and remarried home, traditions seemed not to be something my family spent much time on. Most holidays were spent with me going to see dad. Once school got out for summer break, I had my bags packed and was off to see him for a few months. This was the same case with Christmas break. My mom and my step-dad would celebrate Christmas with me a few days or a week before the 25th so that we could open presents, and then I would go see dad and not…

Good Friday Is a Good Friday to Plant

By Dr. David Rogers My Great-Grandmother Steele grew up and raised her family on a farm in West Texas.  As a child I always loved going out to her farm and wandering through her magnificent garden that seemed to grow every type of vegetable known to man.  She had this wall that surrounded the front yard that was about five feet tall that all the grandkids used to balance and walk on back and forth.  This wall separated the home front from the pasture and the farmland where  livestock and crops were raised.  Around the wall were flowerbeds that had…

Earning Salvation Through Pain

By Zion Gasilan, Ministry Resident As an Easter tradition in the Philippines, a group of devout Catholic men would march the streets across the country and flog themselves. Some would carry heavy crosses, and others would go to an extreme and reenact the crucifixion of the cross by nailing their hands and feet. They believe that by hurting and punishing themselves their sins would be forgiven and that God's favor would be upon them. Growing up in the Philippines, I would always see these men harming themselves in the news, and I remember feeling a heaviness in my heart. It was sad…

Aunt Martha’s and Sunrise Services

By Dan Liles, Worship Pastor There was a five year stretch when I was a child where I can remember our family enjoying an Easter morning routine. It included early breakfast at Aunt Martha’s Pancake House followed by an outdoor Sunrise Service (weather-permitting) at our home church in Springfield, Missouri.  Seems to me there was a motivational strategy at play in this family tradition.  There’s nothing like a pile of delicious pancakes to bribe almost any kid to get out of bed before sunrise, especially those golden delicious pancakes at Aunt Martha’s! We would spend the whole weekend preparing our…