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Second-grade student helps classmate with autism, photo goes viral: Defending biblical morality with compassion

Listen to The Daily Article Podcast, then subscribe. Christian Moore is an eight-year-old in Wichita, Kansas. On his first day of school this year, he noticed that a fellow classmate named Connor Crites was crying. Christian walked over, took Connor’s hand, and led him into their elementary school. He didn’t know that his new friend is autistic.  Christian’s mother took a heartwarming photo of the two, hand in hand, walking into school. Connor’s mother responded: “It doesn’t matter color. It doesn’t matter gender. It doesn’t matter disability, and it doesn’t matter anything—just be kind, open your heart . . . it’s what…

Should we expect perfection from our public figures?

It’s a familiar story: A public figure faces charges of doing something inappropriate years or even decades ago. It could be a serious moral failure, a youthful indiscretion, or a public-policy decision that seems out of step with the times today.  Accusations like these can provide a glimpse of a previously unknown character flaw. Or, even if true, they could be a relic from a different time in the person’s life, before admitting a mistake or learning an important lesson. “We have a real tension in our culture between wanting to hold people accountable for past actions and the belief…

How did Jeffrey Epstein really die? Conspiracy theories and the key to cultural impact

Listen to The Daily Article Podcast, then subscribe. The two staff members guarding the jail unit where Jeffrey Epstein apparently killed himself fell asleep and failed to check on him for about three hours, according to this morning’s New York Times. They then falsified records to cover up their mistake. The two employees were placed on administrative leave yesterday and the warden of the jail was temporarily reassigned. Skepticism surrounding Epstein’s death has ranged across the political spectrum, from President Trump and Rudy Giuliani to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough.  “We have to ask who stood…

Reuniting America: How Christian empathy can help heal our land

Americans have become so divided over issues like gender, race, religion, and politics, we can’t seem to agree on anything.  In fact, a poll last fall by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal found so little agreement that it carried the headline, “Americans are divided over everything except division.” Eighty percent agreed that the country was divided. Other than that, the poll found little hope for consensus.  Journalist Carl Bernstein, famous for his reporting on Watergate, believes we are in a “cold civil war” with different groups of people unable to agree even on basic facts.  Our country may…