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Kirsten Gillibrand: Anti-abortion laws are ‘against Christian faith’

Listen to The Daily Article Podcast, then subscribe. Kirsten Gillibrand has been serving in the US Senate since 2009 and announced her candidacy for president in March. Last Thursday, amid the furor over Georgia’s “heartbeat bill,” she booked a trip to the state, where she protested what she called “a war on women.” According to CBS News, the senator told a press conference that laws banning or restricting abortion are “against Christian faith.” She explained: “If you are a person of the Christian faith, one of the tenants [sic] of our faith is free will. One of the tenants [sic] of our…

Keanu Reeves on the afterlife: The urgency and joy of biblical wisdom

Listen to The Daily Article Podcast, then subscribe. The actor Keanu Reeves (of The Matrix fame) was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert recently. At one point, Colbert asked his guest, “What do you think happens when we die, Keanu Reeves?” Both men are no stranger to tragedy. Colbert lost his father and two of his brothers to a plane crash when he was ten. Reeves and his girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, lost their daughter a month before she was due. Syme later died in a car accident. Reeves paused, considered, then replied simply: “I know that the ones who love us…

Trade wars and face-recognition cameras in church: China and the kingdom of God

Two suspects were apprehended yesterday after a school shooting not far from Columbine High School left one student dead and eight others injured. The STEM School Highlands Ranch now joins the long list of such tragedies. While Americans were grieving yet another school shooting, stocks fell significantly on fears of a trade war with China. The market plunged Monday morning on news that the US would escalate tariffs against Chinese imports. Then it rebounded on hopes that trade talks would eventually succeed amid news that a Chinese delegation is coming to Washington this week. Then it fell again yesterday. My…

Dangerous asteroids and a global ISIS: Finding hope in a surprising story

Listen to The Daily Article Podcast, then subscribe. Apophis was the ancient Egyptian spirit of evil, darkness, and destruction. In ten years, an asteroid named for this frightening deity will come closer to our planet than the orbit of our weather satellites. It will pass us on April 13, 2029, and will be so close that we will be able to see it with the unaided eye for several hours. The asteroid is estimated to be around 1,115 feet in diameter, nearly four times taller than the Statue of Liberty. NASA describes it as “one of the most important near-Earth asteroids ever…